private messaging, no pictures or videos, just words

Control your own messages posting, hiding, and deleting times.

Ok, here is a thing, and you are not going to like it, but bear with me. It does not auto-refresh. So you have to hit the browser refresh button or click on the name of the conversation. You probably just said in your head: deal breaker! Assuming the lack of pictures and videos had not already killed the deal. You usually hit your email clients inbox refresh though right? I think if you give it a try you will find it is not such an inconvenience. It saves 99% of my bandwidth cost and makes the service levels incredibly high. There are some benefits, as well. User control and consent.

Subscription model, currently $60USD per year.

25 free users are then available for you to create. These accounts will only have access to your groups, and not have access to admin functions, and not be able to create new groups. Still, they must use the group password to join each group. You can send them the link for each group in the "link to join" section if the group is private, or otherwise actually, but they will see any groups you have created in their list of groups they can join. They can add new conversations, unless your settings say otherwise, and be moderators of your groups and conversations. These users are tied to your account, and you can delete them from your admin page. You cannot change their password, email or other account information, only delete them. You also will not be able to change their posts' messages, but you will be able to delete each individual post. Deleting a user, free or paid, removes everything they have created: groups, conversations, posts and all settings.

Create your own groups, or join anothers by entering the group password. then you will see all the conversations for that group, unless they are private.

Groups and individual conversations can be made private and/or locked.

Groups can also be closed. A closed group cannot be joined nor have users added. A locked group means no one can add or remove any conversation. Existing conversations though, can still be used for chatting, posts can be added and edited.

If you want a conversation locked so no new posts and no posts can be changed or deleted, then you have to lock that conversation as well. A group does not have to be locked for a conversation to be locked, and locking a group does not automatically lock the conversations that exist there.

I hope that makes sense. It is actually way simpler than it sounds. Give it a try, it makes sense once you get in there and check it out.

A private and locked group will still allow users to join, as long as they know the group password. A private group will not show up in a search. A closed group can not be joined nor any users added.

No conversations can be created, removed or have its properties modified in a locked group except by the group creator. However existing conversations can still have posts added by anyone unless the conversation is locked.

group creators cannot be locked out of either a conversation or an entry. nor conversation creators locked out of any posts, however only the creator of an entry can modify the text in the message. Group creators, conversation creators and moderators can all delete any users posts, but only the creator of the entry can change the text of the message. Users must be added to a private conversation, and only group members can be added.

You can always edit and delete your own chat posts, whether or not the group or conversation is locked.

Group members must enter the group password to join a group, which confirms consent.

This is an end user agreement. If you create a group, you accept responsibility for the group and anything posted in that group. If you join a group, you accept that you might be offended and enter at your own risk and only if you are 18 years or older.

Moderators can be selected for both groups and individual conversations, and these moderators have all the same permissions as the creator. So, where it says only the creator can do something above or below here that also means the moderators.

Email notification is paused. send me a support ticket if you require it.

Only your IP is saved, and only for security reasons, if you use a proxy service (often called a VPN service) then no data can be linked to you here. Only cookies from native PHP sessions are used.

Proudly javascript free.

Be careful deleting, I do not use confirm dialog popups as they end up being annoying and we always just blast through them anyway? right? So they are gone. Also, usually I dispense with duplicate password fields, just cut and past into the one password field and we are good. I think you will see this leads to a much less annoying experience longterm.

I will not sell or release your information, nor use it for any purpose other than this site. You control all the information here, and you only need to add an email address for password reset issues, or perhaps a support issue. There is a support link once you login and I do check that often.

By using this site, you are confirming you will not use any of these services to break any laws, anywhere.

I believe in freedom, I will not release your information to anyone for any reason other than a warrant from the government I live under.

Check out as well. Do not let big tech get your data.